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On July 14, 2014, with the final whistle sounded. The German tank lifted the twentieth Jules Rimet Trophy. While cheering for Germany, we also feel sorry for Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and other strong teams. Messi Cuccittini faced off against the Dutch Orange, with Neymar’s injury causing Brazil’s rout. “If there were no injuries, maybe the outcome would have changed.” In an unknown town in China, two young people said so. RoverGun aims to provide professional and effective MASSAGE GUN for global athletes.



  • Powerful fascia massage gun pro (MG-001)
  • Muscle Relax massage gun pro 1 (MG-004)
  • Physiotherapy Equipment massage gun pro 2 (MG-006)
  • Aluminium alloy massage gun pro (MG-008)
  • Plastic mini massage gun (MG-007)
  • Aluminium alloy mini massage gun (MG-005)
  • Handheld fitness vibration massage gun pro 3 (MG-009)
  • Wireless electric vibration massage gun(MG-035)

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Let you know more


Let you know more

  • Improved Sports Performance

    Improved Sports Performance We know about massage guns because athletes just will not shut up about them. In some way these devices wouldn’t have gathered any traction if people weren’t talking about them. And we’re not talking about just any athletes or sports people, top performers have endorse...

  • The purchase criterion of the massage gun is to only buy the right ones and not expensive ones

    Among all consumption concepts, the safest consumption is to only buy what is right and not expensive, and what suits you is the best. A good massage gun neck pain has strong power and can deeply massage and loosen the muscles. The motor is the core point of buying a massage gun. At the same time...

  • Surprise experience of RoverGun massage gun

    The massage gun can relieve the muscle soreness caused by sudden exercise, and it can also relieve the pain caused by frozen shoulder due to daily reasons. The RoverGun massage gun is best for back pain is packaged in a black storage bag. There are no extra logos and colors on the initial appeara...

  • Can the massage gun massage the neck for a long time?

    Why can’t the massage gun be used to relax the neck for a long time? Because the massage gun acts on the local area through ultra-high-speed vibration, thereby achieving a relaxing effect. Its action is strong and powerful, so the muscle tissue at the action site is required to be plump and...

  • Benefits of Using a massage gun to Relax

    What is a massage gun? The massage gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool, a civilian version of DMS, which can relax the soft tissue of the body through high-frequency impact. What is fascia? Before learning more about the massage gun, let’s first understand what fascia is. Fascia is a relativ...